Digital Summit Minneapolis: A Look Back at What We Learned

Digital Summit Minneapolis: A Look Back at What We Learned

Parting [ways after an amazing conference] is such sweet sorrow.

Your energy is high, your brain is full and you feel the love of other like-minded marketers. Sometimes however, it’s hard to keep that drive alive once the closing keynote has commenced and you resume your normal routine.

But what if instead of going about business as usual, you keep the momentum going?

Our team was very fortunate to participate in an event this week in our own backyard, the 2017 Digital Summit in Minneapolis. In addition to speaking, we had a large group of team members attend to gain new knowledge, created live blog coverage of the event, and hosted an attendee happy hour and dinner.

If you need a refresher to keep your marketing wheels turning or were not able to attend and would like some marketing insights, let the content below be your guide.

Top Digital Summit Takeaways

If you’re looking for snackable nuggets of information, where better to go than Twitter! Below are some of the top conference takeaways from our very own TopRank Marketing team members.

Here’s why you should be on #snapchat says @carlosgil83. The content disappears so the users are constantly on it. #DSMPLS

— Debbie Friez (@dfriez) August 15, 2017

“Content marketing is really relationship marketing.” @minaseeth #dsmpls

— Lee Odden (@leeodden) August 14, 2017

Only 15% of B2B marketers are doing influencer marketing. That’s a massive opportunity #DSMPLS @leeodden

— Evan Prokop (@eprokop1) August 15, 2017

“Design thinking framework. What is? What if? What wows? What works?” – @cliffseal #DSMPLS

— Annie Leuman (@aleuman4) August 14, 2017

“When the system changes, the people who come out ahead are the people who change.” Mr. Seth Godin on stage for opening keynote #DSMPLS

— Nick Nelson (@NickNelsonMN) August 14, 2017

More than 50% of searches will be done by voice in 2020 #DSMPLS

— Slater????? (@TheSteve_Slater) August 15, 2017

Market thru a story using these components: 1) hero (customer) 2) normal life 3) what needs change? 4) why? 5) what’s next? #DSMPLS @pfunder

— Elizabeth Williams (@ElizabethW1057) August 15, 2017

Former skateboarder @Pfunder says stories are what we tell ourselves over an over & they propel us forward at #DSMpls

— Susan Misukanis (@smisukanis) August 15, 2017

Let’s tell the true story of our pets. @annhandley #dsmpls

— Ashley Zeckman (@azeckman) August 15, 2017

Interactive Infographic: 15 Quotes to SuperCharge Your Digital Marketing

To help you supercharge your marketing success, we reached out to some of the most trusted voices in the digital marketing world speaking at the upcoming Digital Marketing Summit Minneapolis conference for their quotable advice. Marketers from companies like 3M, Thomson Reuters, IBM, The Economist Group, BMC Software, Pandora, Salesforce, Adestra, Schwinn Bicycles, SEMRush and our own agency, TopRank Marketing have joined experts including Seth Godin and Ann Handley to share their pithy tips on a variety of digital marketing topics.

Check out the interactive infographic here.

Supercharge Digital Marketing Infographic

TopRank Marketing Conference Coverage

Lee Odden Shares Ways to Supercharge Your Content with Influencer Marketing

Many marketers are searching for ways to supercharge their marketing but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy can add credibility and authority, read this post to find out how!

Learn how to Become a Better Storyteller with Insights from GoDaddy’s Shawn Pfunder

Stories affect actions. But how can your harness the power of storytelling to engage your audience? In his session, Shawn provided three story templates to live by.

Elevate Your Marketing Career with One Simple Word: Strategy

What does marketing strategy really mean? According to McLean Donnelly, it’s choosing what not to do. Find out how to use math, execute on a strategy and empower your team in this post.

Using Audio to Engage in a Connected World

The future is here! Now is the time to start consider not only the second or third screen, but the screenless marketing opportunities that exist today. Learn how to adapt and thrive in a connected world.

Taming the Wild Wild West of Social Media Digital Reputation

Social media is inevitably part of every business today. But many organizations are struggling to create governance and guidelines around how it should be used for business. If you need help taming your team, this post is a must-read.

5 Ingredients to Master the Perfect Content Marketing Recipe

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed and tired of the same run-of-the-mill content being produced by every marketer out there. Now is the time to begin focusing on content impact by serving your customers delicious content they are sure to devour.

TopRank Marketing Events

We were lucky enough to host not one, but two events during Digital Summit Minneapolis. On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to thank everyone that joined us for either happy hour or dinner to connect, network and gain knowledge from other like-minded marketers.

What’s Next?

Thank you to everyone that attended Digital Summit Minneapolis and helped make it awesome! If you’re interested in engaging with the TopRank Marketing team more, here are three ways to do so:

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