Top Digital Marketing Tips for Black Friday 2016 (Are You Ready to Make big Money yet?)

Top Digital Marketing Tips for Black Friday 2016 (Are You Ready to Make big Money yet?)

How to Get more Sale for this Black Friday 2016 ( Simple Digital Marketing Tricks)

Are you serious to increase your Sale this Thanks Giving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday ?  Are you Serious to make big bucks?

If not, check this data:

Black Friday deals

Ask any online marketer and they’ll likely proclaim you it is high period for following scores of sales, coupons, promotions, and special offers to induce holiday shoppers. But are you thinking in the shoes of the customers?

What’s the best get to attention of online shoppers’ attention ? And how to judge the timing is exactly right to commencement a particular sentient or promo? Experts message these are crucial questions to residence in the days leading taking place to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

After all, the stakes are high-regard as creature that, between consumers polled for the National Retail Federation’s recently published Holiday Consumer Spending Survey: 46% of their buying and browsing this holiday season will admit place online (happening from 44% in 2014); in the region of 3 out of 4 said price discounts or sales impinge on their substitute as to where to shop during the holiday season; again 28% said easy-to-use mobile or websites were important to them; and following more one-fifth of smartphone owners plot to use their device to get your hands on holiday goods this year.

See the Black Friday/Thanksgiving/CyberMonday Trend as provided by

“Effective digital backing is vital to holiday sales, unlimited the always-as regards’ connectivity of today’s consumers and their expectation for personalized engagements that mirror their individual preferences,” says Brad Marg, COO of Clutch. “Having a hermetic strategy and breathing thing practiced to kill in checking account to consumer expectations should be a major priority year-circular, but especially during the holiday season considering consumers will be forever bombarded once promotions, deals and offers.”

Judd Marcello, vice president of publicity for Smartling, says desire e-publicity tactics can backing occurring brands scrape through the clutter subsequent to targeted, relevant content and offers.

“Brands dependence to meet consumers’ high expectations by delivering high-be contiguously, meaningful retail and e-commerce experiences that condense put emphasis on for consumers and lead them use those precious resources wisely,” says Marcello.

While any marketer can roll out a concord, it takes shrewd planning to craft and kill it successfully. Now we will break these digital marketing strategies for black Friday sales, suggested by various industry professionals, which will help you to double your sales and make you rich, instantly:

1. Coupons:


Customers love for coupons and they search for coupons in Google.  Most of your competitors promote their products through coupons.

You can offer special discounts for your other products when they complete the sale of any one of the product.  You can announce it in your face.  You can clearly put down on your home page as an additional discount available for other products say 75%, when it was combined with any other product purchase.

Offer coupons to first-times customers by yourself, and if you offer special discounts for severity customers be determined to meet the expense of them behind unique coupon codes. Also, “don’t perform any coupon offers to customers until their behavior indicates they’concerning going to resign their cart,” Peter Messmer, director of member for AddShoppers, says.

Make it as a keyword so Google or bing can also take it to your website when the customer search in the search engine

2. E-Finising Cards

Sell e-finishing cards in the region of the subject of your website and Facebook page, and find replacing coupons and discounts in the heavens of than e-gift cards. “Our merchants have seen a 30% redemption rate by employing this [latter] strategy,” says Simona Martin, backing director for Yiftee.

Make sure you promote it in every social media available.

3. Re-marketing

Engage in re-marketing, which shows your previous visitors ads based on merchandise/offerings they saw in the region of your site. “This type of retargeting, closely through AdWords, is much more targeted and on the go than regular remarketing,” says Andy Groller, DragonSearch’s vice president of digital advertising. “When that fanatic now goes to comparison shop just approximately the web, the retargeting banners they sky are customized to the products they viewed and were along amid purchasing.”

4. Free Shipping Offer

Provide the offer for free shipping or shipping at reduced price. According to Bronto Software’s “Holiday Planning Report: What Holiday Shoppers Want, How Retailers Plan to Deliver,” 38% of consumers won’t buy from a retailer that doesn’t offer free shipping, despite the finding that merely 18% of online retailers plan to offer free shipping for all the shopping done by consumers.

5. Supersize your statement through social.

“Use social channels spread out the message.  Use every opportunity and social media to spread the seasonal messages,” says Marcello. Consumers who engage considering a social network during their shopping experience spend 8.2% more, concerning speaking average, based harshly speaking data revealed in AddShoppers’ Go Out moreover a Bang! End of Year Strategies to Maximize Revenue webinar.

Spread conscious message to all the audience to increase your

6. Send out personalized emails.

“For some customers, just a  reminder mail that for the product they left behind in the cart will be enough. It has to provide information along with the links of the cart, probably proving additional offers like extra discount or free shipping or coupon code for a dinner joint will tempt them to buy says Ashley Orndorff, director of backing for Visual Impact Group. “And if you have products behind limited inventory, put the accent on the knack of scarcity following words subsequent to Order soon! Only 3 items left!'” .  You can even use negative marketing techniques like the offer ends soon or price is going high in the next 24 hours to create an emotional impact to make them to buy.

7. Search Box

Place a large search box prominently in the center of your page, “which can entice occurring to 40% of users to search,” Matt Riley, co-founder/CEO of Swiftype, says. “Users who search convert at a 50% innovative rate.”

8. Market Timing – Start Early but not too early

Marketing timing is a crucial factor.  Timing of your campaign impact the all out reach.

The best part of Market timing?  

For Black Friday or Cyber Monday, starting the sale at early November or end of October could be optimal.  Repeating the campaign with different messages is an essential part of the campaign.  It is imperative for the customer to remember about your Super Holiday offers.

Why does this matter?

If you do not engage customers frequently, they might forget you since it is a known fact that, customer has short term memory towards advertisement.  So only the large brands keep repeating their ads on regular basis.

More importantly, it will help google to provide ranking to your optimized links and contents.

For example, see the advertisement image from  Even though they are a huge brand, they have started their campaign already in their website.

It's Here! Black Friday Ad.


9.  Use Infographics

Do not use too much of text or information.  Use infographics on the items and offers you provide.  Make the campaign more attractive.

10.  Curiosity is the key

How can you actually use this?

Implant curiosity on the customer to frequent your site.  Provide as much as information in your material but keep a curiosity factor.

Ask customers to sign-up to know more details.  Keep them informed on incremental basis.  When the D-day approaches thrill them with wide variety of offers based on their interest.

So here is the deal:  Curiosity which creates smile at the end is  “key for a better business”.

11.  That is not at all

You need to apply above said tricks apart from the normal website optimization.  To know more on how to optimize your site this blog “On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page”

Or else please leave your message in our contact form, so we can get in touch with you for further assistance.

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