Does higher Ranking on Google Really Matters?

Does higher Ranking on Google Really Matters?

Better Ranking on Google or Better User Retention? Which is Important?

The rules clearly state, when you attempt to manipulate your positions through manners Google disapproves of – they’ll penalize your website – for rather long time – and Google disapproves of the LOT. Making a claim for a top place IN A COMPETITIVE business without quality links and important content over AN INTERVAL OF ADEQUATE TIME, in a perpendicular with comparatively stable positions, raises a red flag to Google. The simple truth is Google changes what’s number 1 in SERPs fairly often. A number 1 ranking in Google natural listings is most precious, because you do not pay to get the clicks.

In competitive niches, you will have to pay Google to be number 1 using Adwords, and this may continue to be the case as Google becomes more a more, a local internet search engine. Nobody knows for certain how to get number 1 on Google, not just anyway, but always to number one in Google is mainly down the standing of your website and how important pages are to keyword queries. Typically relevant pages with the most, and sometimes the best, links rank at the top of Google natural / organic listings. Instead of concentrating on number one in Google, your focus must be to appear in as several Google qualities as possible, to give your business as much chance as possible to appear to get as many search as possible which are important to your business.

If your website appears in multiple search results in different place for good reasons for different search criteria, there is always a better chances for you to get more hits to your website.
When people search for better quality business through google search, behavior of Google users to click on different websites in page 1 or page 2.
If your website appears in different pages, then it does not need to in top 10 results.  This is because  there is always good reason for user to come to your websites.
Not only that, if your website is optimized with quality content,good UI design, less distractions and conveys what the user is looking for, you stand a better chance than the websites which appear in the top 10 results. When more people spends quality time on your website, Google will take you to top positions organically.

Why Google will Take you to top position Organically?

One of the important for Google is the bounce rate?   If you have taken a look at your google analytics, you might have seen something called bounce rate.  If not, please take a look at it.

Bounce rate tells Google that how long the user spends quality time on your website.  Higher bounce rate tells Google that, more people exists your website quickly.  This means, when the bounce rate is reduced, the google thinks that, your website is valuable and slowly moves your website ranking to top.

So, is your objective is to get into top 10 of Google Search or do you want to have more user retention?

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